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I started blocking out the first raptor's head. This was about an hour of work. I was bouncing back and forth between the dino body and the head.  Still a lot of shaping and blocking to do on this so keep checking back for weekly updates.

The dino body is from a personal project that I started working on while Sopko Films and I were working out the contract for DWG, I'm just using it here as a size reference for the new raptor head.
I've added an extension to the neck of the v-raptor head, I really think this gives it more of a dinosaur look.  I cut some one inch foam strips and adhered them to the back of the head and am using cheesecloth to help hold the form.  Foam latex will eventually be spread over all and then textured.


What's a v-raptor without teeth?  These are carved foam with a thin coat of Epoxamite resin to seal and strengthen them.  They'll be painted then sealed again.

;Next for the head is the mechanics; mouth mechanism and eye movements, maybe some cable control for the lips too.

4/3/15 Below is a photo album of the work done on one of the velociraptors suits so far.  I've started texturing the skin, still a lot to do  before I can bake the skin but I'm getting there.
Updates from 4/27/15.  Fitting the head on V-raptor 1 and putting the foam latex skin on the head of V-raptor 2.

Sorry folks!  I have to stop with photos of this velociraptor here.  The producers want the final reveal to be in the film so no more photos until after the film is released.

However, I will be posting photos of the build for the remaining dinos for the film to near finished as with the v-raptors so take a look at their dedicated pages.

Velociraptor number 2

Here are a few photos of velociraptors number 2.  This one has a slightly different build to the body and a very different paint job.